Saturday, August 20, 2011

Study Spaces

I can't believe that school starts on Wednesday. I also can't believe that I will have two in school...pre-k and 2nd grade. So..this weekend we are finishing up buying school supplies and school clothes. I have always loved this time of year. I can remember going to buy my school supplies at the local TG&Y and being super excited. So...since I am in the mind set of "Back To School" is only appropriate that I give you some fun ideas for study spaces for your kiddos. This week I will be dedicating all my blogs to Back To School!
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Bring Home the Good Grades
A top-notch education starts at home, and a dedicated homework area could help your kids complete their assignments efficiently and successfully—with the least amount of kicking and screaming. Whatever your space or budget limitations may be, any devoted space for study is better than sprawling out on the floor in front of the television. Not convinced? Build it—whether it's a nook in the kitchen or a room all its own—and the good grades will come. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you get started.

Consider your kid's age and learning style when deciding where to site a study space. The U.S. Department of Education recommends a quiet, well-lighted place that’s fully stocked with the necessary materials and supplies for your child's grade level. Younger kids who need homework help and supervision, for example, might benefit from working in the kitchen, where rolling out a supply cart can indicate the start of study time, and you can do quiet chores or prepare dinner while they work.

Keep It All Quiet on the Homework Front
Older kids might do well with a bit of privacy and isolation, so carve out space in their bedroom or the dining room, where you can hide the work area with a room divider if necessary. Above all, make sure you respect your kid's academic efforts by mandating household quiet time while schoolwork is being completed, especially if he or she is working in a common area. You may be winding down after a long day’s work, but it'd be hard for anyone to concentrate while overhearing half of a lively telephone conversation or the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Do Homework in Timed Heats
A consistent study routine with about 30 minutes of downtime before getting started is widely recommended. "Use a power period of 45 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break time to promote productivity and efficiency. Create a workflow process with your kids and it will make all the difference," advises Ellen Delap of
Elizabeth Hagen, author of Organize with Confidence (and mom of five!), suggests supplying kids with a timer so they can learn to focus on their homework for an allotted period, and work toward finishing so that they can watch their favorite TV show or go play.

Lay Out a Power Desk
A spacious, flat surface (desk or table) and a comfortable chair that suits your child's height will encourage neat handwriting. For desks, opt for a lamp with a built-in holder for pencils, scissors, and other supplies. A small bookcase or wall-mounted shelves preloaded with an atlas, dictionary, and thesaurus wouldn't hurt, either.

If you have the wall space, hang a corkboard or inconspicuous magnet strips for posting those A+ exams and a calendar for keeping track of assignments, school events, and extracurricular activities. Mimicking this school feature is a fun way to put kids into student mode at home.

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  2. This really is not what I wrote. I am cracking up that this is what showed up.
    I said I love your blogs. My favorite spot was the eclectic peg board. I may use that in my playroom for the craft table.
    Keep the blogs coming, I really look forward to reading them:)