Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Life of A Crazy Realtor life as a Realtor is a little crazy sometimes..but I would say "Good Crazy"...if there is such a thing. I absolutely love my career in Real Estate because it allows me to be a mom, wife and have a career all at the same time. But, I have to admit that sometimes I do feel a little stretched at times. is totally worth it. I have a huge support team in my mom and husband and support staff at the Dillard Group.

So..what does a life of  a wife look like? Well..let me just tell ya......

get up at 6:45 after hitting the snooze button 5 times...get my oldest son ready for school...have sweet breakfast time with him before drop off... drop him off at school only 1 or 2 minutes late ( So sorry Mrs. P) back home....have a little cuddle time with my youngest before I drop him off at Mother's Day Out or if  I have a slow day in real estate my youngest will stay home with me... head to the office....check my a few blogs I follow...paperwork ( I ABSOLUTELY HATE PAPERWORK)...follow-up on phone each one of my listings and follow up with each seller....schedule Open Houses and Broker's Opens....follow-up with my client list...Title Companies...Home Inspectors..other Realtors that I am working a transaction with...and put out "Real Estate Fires" (there is always some kind of challenge in each me)....check my watch and realize I have 32 minutes and 48 seconds before I need to head out to pick up my boys....check off as many items on my to do list as possible in the next 32 I am off to pick up my youngest...and then we are off to pick up my oldest....Snack time....maybe a play date....or some time at the ride or if we are totally worn out we will cuddle on the couch and watch a movie's close to dinner time and time for my Super Tall Mr. Fix-It/ Accountant hubby to be home....Monday is either pizza night or Qdoba night ($$$ dollar tacos $$$)...on other nights we might grill out and have family night sitting outside watching the kids play....while my wonderful husband cleans the kitchen I will sneak off for a little exercise....come on homework with my books...bath time...sweet time with Jesus and sleep time....I am no longer staying up till 3 am doing random stuff around the house....I am trying to go to bed when the kids go to sleep....a SUPER huge challenge for me...but I am doing it....but I might get up at 1 am to work on my blog ;) is a little bit about my crazy and wonderful life as a Realtor....oh...and somewhere in there we might bake some yummy you can see from  my pic below....they are not very "Martha Stewarty"....but "T" was happy to take them to his friends at school...

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  1. I love the family pic! Your life sounds busy but perfect. :) Now what's this about Qdoba #1 tacos? .... ;)