Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Time: The Best Time to Put Your House on the Market

It's March....which in the real estate world...translates to "The BEST TIME TO PUT YOUR HOUSE ON THE MARKET." If you are considering selling your home...don't miss this HOT time in real estate. I guess the warmer us thinking about houses. As for me....I am obsessed and I am always thinking of houses. ;) Here are a few things to think about when putting your house on the market...

Curb Appeal..oh yes.....I cannot tell you how important it is to get the outside of your home ready. Think BRIGHT COLORS! You want the couple driving down the street to put on the brakes when they see your home. Plant bright colored flowers, add cute pots, and a cute bench. I will be posting in more detail about Curb Appeal this week....!

Minimize..that's right...get all that clutter out of your home. It's completely fine to stash it in the garage or in closets..but do not leave it hanging around the house. Honestly, the houses that show the best are the ones that look like nobody lives in the house. Think Simple!

Price it want to make sure that your house is priced at the correct market value. Review the comps with your Realtor and put your house at a reasonable asking price. One of the top reasons a house stays on the market for an extended amount of time is that it is priced too high.

Clean..Clean..and Clean Some More...I know as a mom how hard it is to keep our houses clean and tidy. is so important to have your house clean at all times so when you get that call from you realtor that a couple wants to see it in 15 minutes you are not running around stressing or even decline the showing because you are embarrassed with your messy house.  A website that I really like about house cleaning is Just think..when you get into your new won't have to keep it as clean.

Budget....before you put your house on the market...make sure that you can really afford that new house. I encourage you to pray about this new adventure and make sure that it is the right adventure for you to take at this time.

Good Luck....let me know if you have any questions!

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