Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Flower Time!

It's Thursday.....are you ready for the weekend? I am...we are going to be pretty busy this weekend. I have a lot of property showings..."T" has a birthday party to go husband is finalizing all the end of tax season stuff ......and.....WE ARE PLANTING FLOWERS! Woo...hoo..I love flowers. I don't think you could ever have too many flowers decorating your house.

I bought 120 tulip bulbs from Home Depot about 5 months ago and had big plans to plant them in my front yard. But..are they blooming making my front yard super beautiful? That is a BIG FAT NO! They are sitting somwehere in my garage rotting. Don't you just love it when you do things like that?

So..this weekend....we are planting flowers. My mom bought my  Super Tall Mr. FIX-IT/Accountant Husband a ton of flowers for his we are planning on planting them as a family. The kids love playing in the dirt and spending time with mommy and daddy together...especially daddy! ;)

So...if you are kinda catching on to what I do in my free time....I am guessing you already know that I have found some great landscaping ideas for your HOUSELOVE! Check them out! Oh..and send me some photos of your flowers or garden! I would love to see them!

Bocce Ball court modern landscape
Cape Cod Outside Spaces traditional landscape

Childrens Play modern landscape

Exteriorscapes contemporary landscape

Garden eclectic landscape

Carolyn Aiken traditional landscape

Outdoor Living with Water Gardens traditional landscape

Cutting Garden traditional landscape

Garden Bench eclectic landscape

Clinton & Associates | Landscape Architects in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virg traditional landscape
Cape Cod Outside Spaces traditional landscape
Cape Cod Outside Spaces traditional landscape

Cape Cod Outside Spaces traditional landscape


  1. A trampoline at ground level - brilliant!

  2. Sara..I know..the boys and I have been really wanting a trampoline..but Robert has been worried that it would kill the I have a super cool!